It Takes One Life to Change a Life. Join me!

What's Next for Linda? Period PROJECT.

Yes, I want to help,

One life can change a life!

Homelessness Plus Menstruation Make an Unpleasant Combination.  

Homeless women and teens suffer with irregular bathroom access, lack of regular access to showers, limited wardrobes, and poverty (no money to purchase hygiene products).  Please consider making a donation of the following items for the I am YOU. You are Me. Period Packs.

Hand wipes

Hand sanitizer

Tampons or Pads

Cotton Underwear (new)

Socks (wool in winter)

Handwritten Card for package

Advil or Tylenol

Linda Champion

Mail Donations to: PO Box 5932, Boston, MA 02114

For donation pick-up call: 617-544-5105